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The New 103.9 The Beat is looking for local talent to put on our airwaves. Submit your work to dmorrison@chavezfoundation.org. Every Thursday at 9pm we will give local artists a chance to battle live in person at Cielo 9. Weekly winners will be featured on-air and compete to be the artist of the month.


Featured Artist of the Month June 2018

Reggie is a versatile Hip-Hop artist from Bakersfield, California. He started getting into music in high school when he started making songs with his friends in high school for fun. After leaving high school, he stuck with making songs and received an enormous amount of support not only from his city but from multiple countries throughout Europe while being on a 4 year tour in Italy. When he started to take music seriously, one of his closest friends became his manager and they started to hit the studio and producing songs as rapid as possible. Reggie is a rising artist with crazy potential to be one of the best! Definitely give him a listen.





 Eat Greedy  

Featured Artist of the Month Apr 2018

Gary Terrell Brooks (who goes by the moniker Eat Greedy) was born in Berkley's Alta Bates Hospital (Oakland, California) on July 10, 1986. He grew up in West Oakland, California and later the "Da Patch (Bakersfield)." Gary never lived with his parents. He was raised by his aunt and she did everything she could to keep him out of trouble but Gary was attracted to the streets and fast money; even at a young age. At age 14, Gary began recording songs on a small cassette tape player. A couple of years later, while in high school, Eat Greedy formed a rap group with a couple of his friends. But no one in the group took rapping serious so Eat Greedy went on to pursue college football but after a few years with nothing materialized, he started working a full time job to make ends meet. He later reformed his group now calling themselves Squad Mafia and he also had his first child at the time. In 2007, Eat Greedy and his Squad released their debut CD “Bay 2 Da Patch” and it was well-received by hardcore rap fans in Da Patch. He soon gained a large following. 

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Rap Juice 4 Sale LP by Eat Greedy https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rap-juice-4-sale/1125655137

Eat Greedy (feat. DecadeZ) - Single by Eat Greedy https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/eat-greedy-feat-decadez-single/1337910731

Get Money (feat. Lil Nate Dogg P & Eddie Brock) - Single by Eat Greedy https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/get-money-feat-lil-nate-dogg-p-eddie-brock-single/1333665518

Flip a Joog - EP by Eat Greedy


I'm Trying (feat. AB) - Single by Eat Greedy


  Gutta Boi  

Featured Artist of the Month Feb 2018

American emerging Producer and recording artist GB (Gutta Boi) based out of Los Angeles CA has returned with another urban bop! This time, the promising new act has teamed up with American R&B Singer-Songwriter Jr Castro & Rapper/Producer Mckinley Ave to deliver a new single called “Get Lost” produced by Blackbox, a summery HipHop infused piece, with some influences from tropical music. The result is really fresh! The song is another taste of GB’s upcoming EP which is expected to be released later this year.


Buy the single on itunes today!


 The Real Rocc 

Featured Artist of the Month Dec 2017

I go by the name of Rocc and I’m an all around Artist. I would say I’m well rounded when it comes to writing music and creating records I write Rap music, R&B hooks, club music and stuff you can Vibe too. I was born and raised in Bakersfield CA a small town where I still reside. I’ve always been a big fan of Music and had a good ear for it. I started off doing freestyles to classic beats, received great feedback from that and just progressed from there now I’m creating content for everyone. I created a brand for myself called Moments Like This, meaning a place in life that you worked for and at times maybe thought might of been out of reach now your living in that Moment” a celebration a memory Moments Like This 🎼

  R.E. McFly  

Featured Artist of the Month Nov 2017


R.E Mcfly 3 loves God,Family,Music!!! Check my music out at


 T. Davis  

Featured Artist of the Month Oct 2017

T. Davis is an hot new artist coming from Bakersfield, Ca. His background is the Jerkin Movement followed up by his own, the T. Davis. His first performance was with Los Angeles hip hop star, YG. That is when T. Davis knew that the music industry was meant for him. T. Davis loves performing and getting involved with the audience. With his warm personality its hard not to listen to what the late teen has to say in his music. He is a triple threat with rapping, singing and dancing. Something the entertainment industry is lacking.

Quote from T. Davis, “I want to change the game of music for young kids today. I want to make music that will appear to a vast audience, not just a particular style or sound.”

 Stromile Sinatra 

Featured Artist of the Month Sept 2017

•LRT Video Music Awards (Award Show) August2016

•LRT Video Music Award Show November2015

•Who's The Best EmCee (MindPowerProd) (TV pilot)


•BiggStage (TV/onDemand pilot)


•BET Experience West Coast Promo Tour June2017

•Streets Most Wanted Tour September2016

•Big Heff's Industry Tour June2016

•Negril, Jamaica March2016

•Streets Most Wanted Tour Feb-Mar2016

•Fully Fresh Tour December2015

•Big Heff's Industry Tour September2015

•Cali Spring Tour May2013

•Roc Da Mic Tour June2012

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 Ashe Blanco  

Featured Artist of the Month Aug 2017

Female Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B Performing artist from Central California. Rapid flow and unique raspy voice, raw lyrics and a unique flow. Diversity plays a big part as ASHE BLANCO can adapt to any style and topic. ASHE began recording music in 2010 then released the material in 2011 and came out with her first project called "Love/Hate Mix Tape" which had a variety of Rap and R&B music about life, music, love and relationships that touched from the good to the bad aspects. In 2014 BLANCO then began to take her music career very serious by promoting, networking and performing at various local venues, then began to break out of the local scene by moving onto bigger shows and events. In May 2016 ASHE released an EP titled "VISIONZ", and in late 2016, teamed up with Jon Shimer of Numbskull Productions. Ashe has opened up for various artists such as, King Lil G, Andre Nickatina, WAX, R.A. Tha Rugged Man, A.F.R.O, Berner, Baby Bash, Chino XL, Mayday!, Kun Fu Vampire, Locksmith, and was an opener for Surf Rodeo and Kushstock. Ashe continues to evolve and own her craft on stage and in the studio.


Featured Artist of the Month July 2017


Producer, Songwriter, and Rap Lyricist DecadeZ has been a force in the West Coast Hip-Hop scene for over the last decade. Originally from Bakersfield, he has left his mark on the music scene from the Bay Area down to the heart of the music industry in LA. With a quick-witted brash delivery, and edgy punchlines reminiscent of heavy-hitters like Ludacris and Lil Wayne, DecadeZ’s performance ability is matched only by his skill in the studio as a producer.

  Jovon Dangerfield 

Featured Artist of the Month June 2017


Jovon Dangerfield, also known as the #kingdomactivist, is known for uplifting lyrics fused with soulful hip hop music.

 Jovon has performed music at multiple venues across the state and country. His goal is to play his part to be a world changer thorough powerful, challenging lyrics and humanitarian effort.  

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